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About Linda Harkey

Linda Harkey loves dogs and loves teaching children. Her experiences as a mother, school teacher, volunteer docent and hunting dog owner have inspired her to write the award-winning children’s book series, Hickory Doc’s Tales.

For over 22 years she diligently worked as a volunteer docent at two outstanding museums in Oklahoma – The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City and Gilcrease Museum (Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art) in Tulsa.  During her tenure, she helped develop curricula for children’s programs and gave countless presentations to children both at the museums and local schools.

Linda is now the author of twelve children’s books:

The Budding Staff (2005)
Hickory Doc’s Tales (The Pack: First Generation) (2017)
The Remarkable Story of Willie the Crow (A Hickory Doc’s Tale) (2018)
Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds (A Hickory Doc’s Tale) (2019)
Doc, Willie, and the Pack: Secrets, Gifts, Family (A Hickory Doc’s Tale) (2019)
Doc’s Dog Days: A Hickory Doc’s Activity Book (2019)
The Wayward Path of the Devil and Mr. Snake in the Garden of Eden (2021)
Chatty the Hen Pheasant (Travels with the Pack) (2021)
Desert Friends (Travels with the Pack) (2022)
Blake Jake’s Unusual Day (Travels with the Pack) (2023)
Desert Friends 2nd Edition (Travels with the Pack) (2023)
The Great Animal Escape (2024)

She has also been featured in several magazines, including American Kennel Club Gazette, OKC Pets Magazine, Tulsa Pets Magazine, Story Monsters Ink (October, 2018), Tempo: Arts & Entertainment Magazine from The Taos News (July 2019 and June, 2022), and Story Monsters Ink (June, 2021).

For her Hickory Doc’s Tales book series, Linda was interviewed for the America Tonight Radio show with Kate Delaney (September 2021) and twice with WebTalkRadio with John Crowley. You can listen to the interview with Kate Delaney here and with John Crowley here and here.

Linda currently lives on Ocate Mesa in New Mexico. She has two children and three grandchildren.