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Blake Jake's Unusual Day Now Available!

Blake Jake’s Unusual Day: Travels with the Pack is Linda’s latest book, a heartwarming story about Blake Jake Turkey, his best friend Homer, a Hereford bull, and an annoying hunting dog named Rush.

One day when we were snoozing in the shade Blake Jake Turkey heard the warning alarm: “Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!”

But he froze in the grass near the pond, and saw the annoying “beast” running toward him…

Meet The Pack

Hickory Doc
Willie the Crow

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Linda and JT Crowley discuss her latest book, Desert Friends.

Doc, Willie and The Pack
Animation by Archway Publishing

An introduction to Doc, Willie, and the Pack: Secrets, Gifts, Family

Blake Jake's Unusual Day

Blake Jake’s Unusual Day finds Blake Jake and his buddy, Homer the Hereford bull, meeting an annoying hunting dog. Rush, from Doc’s pack is a little too stubborn and has taken on more than he can handle when trying to hunt animals that are much larger than he is!

Desert Friends

In Desert Friends Rodney, a roadrunner and his best friend, Quincy, a Gambel’s quail, spend days racing each other through dry creek beds called arroyos. One day Rodney and Quincy meet two hunting dogs–Gator and his three-legged buddy, Tripod. Danger surrounds the four friends as a thunderstorm sends tremendous amounts of muddy water down the arroyo.

Chatty the Hen Pheasant

Chatty the Hen Pheasant is a humorous and adventure-filled story with plenty of action to keep the interest of elementary children. What happens when a smart pheasant meets up with a determined hunting dog? Chatty the Hen Pheasant will win the hearts and minds of all who read this story.

Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds

Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds continues the adventures of the Hickory Doc’s Tales with a humorous story about a race between a three-legged hunting dog named Deacon a racehorse named B.J.

The Remarkable Story of Willie the Crow

The Remarkable Story of Willie the Crow continues the adventures of the Hickory Doc’s Tales! Find out about the unlikely friendship between hunting dogs and a crow named Willie.

Hickory Doc's Tales

In Hickory Doc’s Tales, Doc shares a host of humorous stories from his important role as a hunting dog, and he narrates what life is like at the kennel. Geared toward elementary school readers, this book helps youth transition to chapter books, and it encourages a host of creative writing opportunities and exercises.

Doc, Willie, and the Pack: Secrets, Gifts, Family

Doc, Willie, and the Pack: Secrets, Gifts, Family is the continuing humorous saga of five hunting dogs and their friend Willie, the crow with bad eyesight. Can Willie convince the pack he’s part of their family?

Doc's Dog Days

Doc’s Dog Days workbook includes portions of stories from the book series. These are humorous, educational, character building, and portray many of life’s lessons. They help youth transition to chapter books. Teachers can use this workbook as activities for the series or stand alone projects for your students. The students can use their creativity to finish each story either by writing paragraphs, drawing their own illustrations, or coloring the existing ones.

The Wayward Path of the Devil and Mr. Snake in the Garden of Eden

In The Wayward Path, Percy the dove and Lucy the lamb help both Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Then, one day the Devil and his assistant Mr. Snake sneak into the Garden. Why does God forbid Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad? What tricks do the Devil and Mr. Snake use on Eve? What happens to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Story Monsters Ink Feature

Linda was featured in April 2022’s Story Monsters Ink with a Doc’s Dog Days-themed writing assignments for younger readers.